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Nov 4, 2012 8:00am PST
sub-committee held -- we don't have time to go into that today, but just assume i'm right. jim zogby is a singular voice in helping understand the arab perspective and was on our enormously interesting panel just a year ago entitled "9/11: the next 10 years." we're also happy to have tom gjelten, i teased him by calling him mr. martha raddatz, who is an esteemed correspondent for npr and was reporting live from the pentagon the moment it was hit on 9/11. martha raddatz is one of my role models for her brilliance, professionalism, and unflinching readiness to go anywhere and do anything to get the story. she will be chairing the very important vice presidential debate, by the way, in just a few weeks and i'm sure it will be carried live on npr. and finally we are delighted -- i didn't mention, did i? i -- have i covered everybody? no. mike hayden. how did i forget mike hayden? that's impossible. so i mentioned that he was trying to be very helpful during the evolution of the very difficult times after 9/11. and i recall one moment that i do want to expand on and that is calling him on
Nov 21, 2012 10:00am PST
a lot of work and a lot of miles. jim zogby, so hillary clinton went, she helped put the pressure on, the -- as martin pointed out you have to have american engagement, she delivered, she's heading home, what happens? >> that's the big question. i would disagree that this is a return to the status quo because there were a number of issues here that have changed. one is that hamas is in political asen densy. there should be no question about that. they're going to be riding high. >> as richard engel was pointing out, egyptian foreign ministers and turkish foreign ministers -- >> this was a process beginning beforehand for them offering a huge amount for reconstruction. the game has changed somewhat. secondly the role of egypt has changed. they've become the new mubaraks and we'll see how that plays out. they're the stabilizing force as seen in maintaining the status quo. that's the problem, as i agree with what martin says, after 100 something people dead on the palestinian side, what we've got is we're back to where we started but with the difference of hamas in a -- having more ledg
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2